ADI Business Machines maintains a large inventory of Pitney Bowes model 950 inserting machines that have been refurbished by Pitney Bowes-certified technicians. We understand that most businesses do not want to commit to a long term lease, which is why we provide these machines at a worldwide discounted cost. We can offer as much as a 50% savings since 1986 over Pitney’s list price, and our Di950 units can be configured to meet most – if not all – applications, from basic programs to high security applications.

Technical Specifications

  • Throughput: 5,400 per hour
  • Monthly capacity: 120,000
  • Fold options: C, Z, Half, Double, No Fold
  • Integrity options: OMR, 1D, 2D, File Based
  • Media sizes:
    Minimum: 127 millimeters by 135 millimeters
    Maximum: 250 millimeters by 356 millimeters
  • Standard sheet feeder capacity: 350 sheets
  • Inserter feeder capacity: 350 inserts
  • High-capacity sheet feeder capacity
  • Letter envelope capacity: 500 envelopes
  • Max number of feeders: eight
    (four high-capacity sheet feeders + four sheet/insert feeders)