Here at ADI Business Machines, we have heard from more than a few people who were not happy after buying a folder inserter from eBay or a similar site. Those people needed help, because frankly, eBay is just not the best place to find high-quality refurbished mailing equipment. In today’s blog, we’ll be talking about a few of the reasons why you should reconsider buying from eBay sellers. When you want to find used folder inserters for sale and in excellent condition, turn to the company with a history of customer satisfaction since 1986. Call ADI Business Machines today for a free quote!

It’s true that you can find folder inserters for sale on sites like eBay for incredibly low prices. The question you should ask yourself is: why? These sellers often purchase old mailing equipment at whole-lot auctions or going-out-of-business sales, and the low prices they offer reflect the low quality of equipment and support you can expect from them.

Needed Adjustments and Repairs

Those who buy used folder inserters and other mailing equipment from eBay often find themselves stuck with non-operational machines. Most of this equipment has been sitting unused for a long period of time and require adjustments and repairs to work properly —  you certainly won’t get that from many of the auction sellers online. Most dealers won’t service the machines they sell online because customers do not want to pay the high cost of worn replacement parts, repairs, and adjustments. Even if those dealers were so inclined, repairing machines like the Pitney Bowes Di950 – our specialty here at ADI Business Machines – requires trained professionals.

Our team here at ADI has the experience and expertise to offer refurbished mailing equipment in excellent condition, not just old machines taken off a lot in order to be sold quickly and cheaply. We guarantee that the product you pay for arrives ready and operational. We even include a 30-day warranty on parts and labor to make sure you’re happy!

No Proper Training

Another downside of buying from inexperienced online sellers is that they aren’t familiar with the equipment they’re selling. They can’t offer any kind of service or support. In many cases, they only know what they could glean from the information available online, which is often limited to the price and specifications of the product. The technicians here at ADI Business Machines, on the other hand, are factory-trained and familiar with all the machines in our wide inventory of mail automation equipment. We can also help you determine what kind of mailing equipment will work best for you, and we are available for ongoing support to ensure that you know how to operate your machine.

Inadequate Packaging

Another major concern you should have when working with an eBay seller is that they often don’t know the correct packaging for sending mailing equipment. Just shrink-wrapping a folder inserter on a pallet leaves the machine exposed to fork lift drivers in busy warehouses and vulnerable to unsafe trucking, all of which are common with freight companies. Many, many machines arrive damaged, and because you as the buyer pay for shipping, you are left fighting with the trucking company. You can probably expect minimal compensation at best.

When you work with an experienced company like ADI Business Machines, you should only expect the best. We have been helping organizations like yours get the mail automation equipment they need since 1986, and our long history of success is due in no small part to our dedication to customer service. We ship our refurbished mailing equipment around the world using trusted air and freight couriers — and proper packing methods. ADI Business Machines is committed to helping your mail automation process get up and running as soon as possible, and we belong to a network of independent service dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada who will offer on-site support if needed.

Choose ADI Business Machines

The next time you are looking for refurbished mailing equipment make sure you get what you pay for. Buying a used folder inserter through eBay can be a dangerous gamble for your business and your wallet. Many online sellers are unfamiliar with these kinds of products, both in how to make them operational again and how to ship them safely, and they are certainly the last people you should turn to if you want more information or advice about mail automation.

ADI Business Machines has offered folder inserters for sale at reasonable prices since 1986, and when you buy from us, you get the peace of mind of knowing that you’re working with factory-trained technicians and mail automation experts. Explore our inventory today to find what you need for your business and call ADI for your free quote!