We may be in the digital age, but from marketing mailers to billing statements, direct mail remains a cornerstone of many businesses. It offers important information to your customers and clients, and physical mail is becoming more and more valuable as people wade through email inboxes full of junk. The biggest inconvenience is learning how to tackle large amounts of mail without wasting the time and talent of your workforce. The solution is mail automation equipment, and ADI Business Machines is here to connect you with exactly what you need to succeed.

ADI Business Machines has been connecting organizations like yours with high-quality equipment since 1986, and we have the experience and expertise to help you find the perfect machine. We’ve condensed a few of the considerations we make into this series: your mailing equipment buying guide.

In part one, we discussed how to determine the capacity you’ll need from your office machine, and in part two, we went over the logistics of setting up your new equipment. Today, we continue our series with an overview of some of the features you can look for in your next mail automation machine. Read on to learn more, and contact ADI Business Machines today for high-quality equipment at a great price!


If you want to include multiple pieces of paper or other material in each envelope, then you’ll want mailing equipment with a collation feature. Collating streamlines the process by pulling from multiple feeders and collecting each piece of your mailing packet, ensuring that everything is in order, so the final mailing packet is easy to read and understand. Collation is a common feature on many mail automation units, but you should check to make sure you’re getting a machine with everything you need.


Another feature to look for before settling on a new machine is whether or not it has an insertion function. Folder inserters include this automatically, of course, but you can find it on other mail automation equipment units as well. An insertion function lets you skip a few steps by programming the machine to insert pieces into an envelope for you.

If you already have specific materials and sizes you use, make sure that the machine you have in mind can handle the type of envelopes you want to use. The size, style, and material can all make a difference, from the envelope opening to the flap. Custom invitation envelopes, for instance, can cause problems if your mail automation unit isn’t equipped to handle those particular specifications and dimensions.

Find Your Perfect Machine Today

Inserting and collating are just two key functions you can find in the mail automation equipment offered by ADI Business Machines. If you think either is relevant to your business, contact one of our team members and let us know what you’re looking for! We take pride in finding the right mailing equipment to meet the needs of every customer. If we don’t have it in our inventory, then we’ll reach out to our partners to find a reliable machine we can offer you at an affordable price. Watch for the final installment of this series to learn about more features you may want in your next office machine, and contact ADI Business Machines today to get your free custom quote!