1. Your Mailing Equipment Buying Guide: Features

    We may be in the digital age, but from marketing mailers to billing statements, direct mail remains a cornerstone of many businesses. It offers important information to your customers and clients, and physical mail is becoming more and more valuable as people wade through email inboxes full of junk. The biggest inconvenience is learning how to tackle large amounts of mail without wasting the time …Read More

  2. Your Mailing Equipment Buying Guide: Logistics

    Direct mail, whether you’re using it to send invoices and statements to your customers or unique marketing materials, can be invaluable to your business. The problem for many is that it can be hard to handle as your business grows. Mail automation equipment offers a simple solution with a diverse selection of models that can be customized to meet your needs and expectations. The question then be…Read More

  3. Your Mailing Equipment Buying Guide: Capacity

    As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, direct mail marketing is an exceptional way to connect with your customers and your community. It can be a challenge to keep up, however, if you are handling large numbers and a lot of material without the right tools. Mail automation equipment can help speed up the process and maintain the quality and accuracy of the materials you send out, whether you are …Read More

  4. Folder Inserter Buyers Beware

    Here at ADI Business Machines, we have heard from more than a few people who were not happy after buying a folder inserter from eBay or a similar site. Those people needed help, because frankly, eBay is just not the best place to find high-quality refurbished mailing equipment. In today’s blog, we’ll be talking about a few of the reasons why you should reconsider buying from eBay sellers. When…Read More

  5. Why Choose Direct Mail Marketing

    Whether you are a business selling products directly to consumers, or you’re a grassroots organization encouraging local action and involvement, you need a way to engage with your community. How to do that is one of the biggest decisions you need to make. It can affect your budget and the success of your business, which is why you need to make the right decision. In today’s post, we’ll be di…Read More

  6. Email vs. Direct Mail Marketing, Part 2

    Communication is the key to any successful client-business relationship, whether you are thanking them for their support or encouraging to engage with you further through promotions or sales. The question then becomes: what is the best way to communicate with your customers? The options are nearly endless in the age of technology, but it is worth it to take a step back and stick with what works. I…Read More

  7. Email vs. Direct Mail Marketing, Part 1

    In today’s day and age, there are a lot of ways to communicate with your clients and contributors. Whether you are a business looking to grow or an organization hoping to reach new audiences, you need to decide the best way to spend your budget, and in the digital era, email marketing seems like the way to go. Letting direct mail marketing fall to the wayside, however, would be a mistake. There …Read More